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Corporate Campaign & Fund Rising Package

"Corporate Campaign package" to drum up support from the top Corporate CEOs and companies in your Constituency.

This is very effective in urban Constituencies connecting your Party with Top corporates and CEOs and staff. This will also get you commitment from top 100 to 500 companies and staff.

Before we launch this, we need commitment from you for the following timeslots:-

Two hours to video record personalized company specific messages - couple of minute video for each of the top 100 companies in your constituency addressing their staff with your brief message (Sutapa from our team will coordinate this if you can confirm a time for the video shoot.

Our LED trucks will air this same video message in front of those companies

We will send the personalized video via email and online to each of these company employees.

Three Hour Program titled "Coffee with your Candidate" as a special invite only session hosted at a 5star hotel (with special personalized invites sent to each of top 100 to 500 CEOs in your constituency)